Were it not for one rather pesky detail, Caedicus would have had every chance of having a pretty good start in life. He was the firstborn son of Quintus Ledeba, one of the many nephews of the House's regent, Dame Sarrona, and his father enjoyed a pretty cushy existence, splitting his time between managing shipping across Lake Reykal from a compound in New Stetven and relaxing on an estate outside the city. Unfortunately for Caedicus, his mother was not the lady Fulvia, Quintus' equally highborn wife, but an elven woman who worked in the kitchens who caught the attention of the teenage Quintus. While the circumstances of their indiscretion are not entirely clear, the product was; Caedicus was born nine months later, by which point the affair had ended and Quintus had been married off to Fulvia. His mother died a few days later, and the boy was kept in the household, growing up among the servants.

The next fifteen years of Caedicus' life were relatively uneventful; he was put to work in the kitchens, and then as a messenger. The subject of his parentage was rarely brought up, but it was hardly a secret and brought him to the attention of his father's trueborn brood. More than once he ended up with a split lip  or a rash of bruises, and on one occasion, a sound thrashing when he'd broken the nose of Fulvia's secondborn, the rather plump and pompous Caspian.

Broken noses aside, it was expected that he'd end up working for one of the family's businesses, a boring but not uncomfortable future. All of this changed, however, when his father suddenly took ill a few weeks shy of Caedicus' fifteenth birthday, and expired a few days later. The official cause was fever, but the speed at which Fulvia took over the estate and made certain changes to the personnel of the household raised more than a few eyebrows. Regardless of the veracity of those rumours, Caedicus was accused of thieving a few days later, and the new mistress of the household had him beaten, whipped and branded on the cheek, expelled from the household and blacklisted from every Ledeba owned business in the country. She also personally informed him as he hung bleeding in the rain that if she ever caught him in New Stetven, he'd end up floating face first in the sewers.

Taking this friendly advice to heart, Caedicus travelled south, scraping together work where he could find it on the Rostland Plains. He passed his sixteenth birthday working as a shepherd, his seventeenth threshing wheat on one of House Surtova's estates, and his eighteenth shivering in a ditch on the side of the road to Restov. Lacking a trade and blacklisted by many, he realised that more desperate measures were required, which is where the Hungry Kobald Company came in. A mercenary group that had seen better days, which was probably why they were willing to take in an emaciated half elf with a facial brand and no appreciable surname, the Kobalds knew their trade and taught it well. Over the next five years, Caedicus slowly carved out a nook as a dependable fighter who got the job done with a minimum of fuss. He would have probably done quite well with the Kobalds if their ferry hadn't been dashed onto a reef, killing most of the company and leaving Caedicus with a few more scars and no clear future.

Since then, Caedicus has spent the last four years moving between groups on the Rostland Plains and the Stolen Lands. His reputation as an honest, hardworking mercenary is well deserved, but his connection to House Ledeba has meant that the larger companies have preferred not to hire him, and what work he can get as an independent has generally been underwhelming and underpaid. Increasingly embittered and pessimistic, he plies his trade with little joy or hope for the future.