Nayland Larne
Nayland Larne
STR  7
EDU 7 (raised to 10)
SOC 12 (raised to 13)

Background Skills: Language 0, Athletics 0, Driving 0.

Nayland Larne is of medium height and weight, with russet hair, now thinning over his heavy brows, above cool grey eyes which turn blue in moments of passion and. He is usually dressed in a Confed Space Navy uniform from which all insignia of rank have been torn off.

He is the eldest son, and originally the heir, of Admiral Hubert Larne, Lord Larne who earned a barony for distinguished service in the planetary navy of new Albion.


MR6 Service Pistol
Weapon Type TL Range Damage Kg Cost Magazine Mag Cost Traits
------------------------ --- -------- ---------- ----- --------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------
Autopistol (Slug) 6 10 3D-3 1 Cr220 20 rnds Cr10 HiCap, IntLz
     The MR6 is a charge pistol produced by Raven Industries, chambered in 10x25mm RCP.
It features a large-capacity magazine, integral laser sight, and a digital ammunition tracker.
     The 10x25mm RCP round is caseless, with its solid-fuel propellant fused to the back of the
bullet.  The round is ignited via a short, high-powered electric spark, rather than a physical
firing pin. The result is a cleaner, more complete ignition with no casing to eject.  The MR6's
ejection port exists solely to handle jams and defective ammunition.
Weapon Traits
   HiCap: HIGH-CAPACITY MAGAZINE. The ability for a weapon to hold more ammunition before
requiring a change in magazine is always beneficial. High-capacity magazines are designed to
solve this problem and double the magazine’s capacity of the weapon. The referee may rule that
some weapons (such as many shotguns) cannot use high-capacity magazines.
   IntLz: INTEGRAL LASER SIGHT. Integrated optics and laser sights grant DM+1 to any attack
made at ranges of less than 50 meters.