Lex Arnisin

Born in the Wild Coast, captured in a humanoid raid as an adolescent and taken back to the Pomarj as a slave. His orc masters were cruel and always seeking amusement, throwing the boy into fighting pits against beasts and other captives, some from raids among the tribes of the Pomarj itself.  He persevered and became more skilled, moving on to more formal gladiator matches while his masters wagered among themselves and came up with more outlandish opponents and restrictions. One day a bout was interrupted by a band of adventurers who slew the orc lords and took Lex with them, who helped lead them out through the warrens under the arena.

The adventurers soon moved on, leaving Lex free but at loose ends in the City of Greyhawk.  With not much in the way of skills beyond fighting, he started taking on jobs as merchant guard or mercenary, later falling in with adventuring groups himself, preferring their more self-directed methods over drudgery and taking orders. He developed a name for himself as he traveled, as groups formed and split.

In 569 he was part of a team in the Battle of Emridy Meadows, punching through and slaying some of the Temple's hierarchy, breaking the will of that part of the line, sparking the eventual collapse. Crossing the Lortmills he returned to the Pomarj the following year, smashing a slave ring that had amassed power over the areas. He spent the next years among the Uleks and Keoland, fighting lizardmen and trolls in the Rushmoors, leading boarding actions against pirates in the Azure Sea, exploring mysterious ruins and battling corrupted druids and treants in the Dreadwood, Ogre tribes in the Lortmills.

Appearance: Lex is in his late 20's, still young but with many miles and battles behind him and middle age on the horizon. He has black hair and beard, blue eyes and skin with hints of olive and gold, with features suggesting a mix of several of Oerth's groups. He is festooned with scars large and small, but most are faded, more recent injuries having access to magical healing. He has an easy, infectious grin and typically speaks and moves with confidence. 6'2" and strongly built, he is physically impressive in and out of armor.

Personality: Lex had might makes right beaten into him for a time, but his own experiences and some of the menaces he has faced have brought him back to his original teachings, that might should serve right instead.  He dislikes orders and demands, but is very willing to work closely with those of his choosing, knowing that success depends on it.  He usually prefers a direct approach, finding shock and speed usually finish battles quickly but can be cagey and work with cunning plans if the situation calls for it.  He is friendly but does not immediately draw the attention more charismatic sorts do.

Having had so many days where he did not expect to see the next, he tries to enjoy life and is generally free with his money, part of the reason he has not already settled into a stronghold of his own.  Knowing he cannot continue this adventuring life forever, he has started to get more serious looking for future plans, searching for opportunities for large rewards to potentially retire to less active pursuits. Stories of his exploits nearby brought him to the attention of Geoff, and he came in response to Duke Owen's invitation, thinking this may be just the opportunity he was looking for.