Mai Lin

Mai Lin is a devastatingly beautiful Suel woman, with flawless skin with the pale tone of fine porcelain, and dark hair, and dark eyes. She dresses in flowing silks and robes, and wears soft slippers. She is beautiful, and knows it, and prefers the finer things that money can buy. She is also dangerous, devious, and sly like a serpent. She has a knack for making the weak willed obey her whims if crossed.

Born to pure blood Suel Parents in Hesuel Ilshar, which is about as isolated a place as you will find, Mai Lin was born to privilege in Suel Society. She received a first rate education, both academically and in the arts, as a child. A turning point came however, when her parents noticed that strange things began to happen around her, unexplained bursts of magic being the main culprit. Suel people were known for arcane arts, but of the wizardly pursuit. When she was a teenager, it was discovered she could talk to serpents, confirming that the ancient magic of her people ran in her blood, but it was tainted. Her parents knew if it got out, it would ruin their status. Mai Lin picked up on this herself, and fled the Brotherhood's lands, ending up in Sunndi and then Onnwal, where she joined a few mercenary companies, and eventually made her way west, first to Nyrond, then Greyhawk City, and eventually to the Sheldomar Valley.

She is not motivated by any noble pursuits. She has power, and uses it. She has no great moral compass nor does she have any illusions about pursuing noble causes. She has joined mercenary groups and expeditions for the opportunity to wield her gifts.

She is a little bitter about the situation with her parents, and should they ever meet again, it may not be a good thing.

In addition to her silks and slippers, she wears a pair of rings, and an amulet, and carries an obsidian staff with the head of a hooded cobra on top of it.

She also wears a ruby pendant in the shape of the holy symbol of Wee Jas, and sometimes if you look at her just right, you'd swear she has fangs, but it's probably just a figment of your imagination, as you talk to her, you realize there aren't any.