Jordiel Larhieve
Jordiel Larhieve, Human (Suel origin)

Cleric of Pelor

Age 23 Height 5'2" Weight 105 lb

Jordiel has the blond hair, green eyes and the pale skin of her Suel heritage.  She is short for a human woman at 5'2" and 105 lbs but makes up for her lack of height in force of personality.

Jordiel grew up in eastern Furondy of nearly pure Suel blood.  Her family were small farmers and craftsmen and had a strong tradition of independence.  Being close to Iuz they were strong hearted and willing to fight to defend themselves.  Naturally her family worshipped Pelor for support in adversity and the strength to seek freedom against oppressors.  Jordiel herself saw the pain and suffering that her fellow country folk suffered and chose to do more for the good folk of the land.  She dedicated herself to Pelor as a priestess such that she could provide hope and healing in equal measures as they were needed.

Since her novitiate was completed Jordiel has traveled widely over Greyhawk in the last five years working to build alliances against Iuz and the lands of evil.  She had also made it a point as well to serve both the common and mighty peoples in Furondy, Veluna and the other good lands to bring hope and respect of the rights of the common peoples.  Her experiences have made her strong in her faith and powerful in the defense of the common folk.  This has taken her to 9th level as well as helped her to establish or strengthen many shrines and churches to Pelor.

She heard about the ravaging of Geoff by the giants and aided the defenders of the Yeomanry against the raiders.  Jordiel has a personal and religious motivation to seek vengeance on those that would ravage the lands of the common folk and bring destruction and despair far from the light of the Sun.  When she heard the call of Duke Owen she answered immediately hoping that her reputation as a freedom fighter would gain her admittance to the group chosen to destroy the evil in their very home.