Pale blonde hair, deep blue eyes like sapphires, slightly pointed tips of her ears, and graceful movement mark Neve as half-elven.  She is petite, around 5'4" tall and has a toned but very feminine form.  She is confident but humble and curious but cautious with a good sense of humor.

Her attire is comfortable and close fitting, ensuring freedom of movement, typically breeches and a tunic with a corset.  Everything is of good quality and kept clean and neat.  Her boots end above the knee though she often lets the tops flop over when relaxing.

She doesn't have a lot of weapons, two short swords of exquisite make and a couple of mundane daggers usually kept tucked inside her boots.  The glint of a chain shirt might be seen if her blouse is a little looser than normal.  Otherwise, the only obvious gear she carries a plain looking haversack.