Grumble Ironforge
General Grumble Ironforge was sent to Hochoch via an order by his king to aid the humans with a giant problem and to repair relations between the two nations.

Grumble was a typical dwarf, stocky and with wild hair, his grey beard was one huge braid that went to his belly and affixed with iron rings intermittently.  He carried his horned helm under his right arm.  He wore an ornamental designed breastplate that had a forge and hammer emblazoned in the middle.  On his back sticking out diagonally from his shoulder and thigh was a greatsword which had a hilt that looked like the open maw of a silver dragon.  There was a well-used pack with a buckler attached on his back as well as a deep purple finely made cloak.  The last thing you noticed which didnít seem to fit his gear was a thin leather cord that wrapped around his waist.  Other than that, Grumble wore a smile and bright eyes.

The below picture is as good as I could get minus the axe!