Iro Swordhand
Iro is a half-elf of middling height for a human, tall even to some. Boasting an average build, at first glance he might seem like the average human. But he is an adept close quarters fighter, using both his skills as a dedicated Monk and spells learned from long hours of study in the Monastery's library. Having learned sometime in his youth that he could wield magic, elders of his Monastery suggested he learn to control it, before it controlled him. After that, he spent any spare moment in the library reading anything he could get his hands on. Since he was a bright pupil, this was no issue to him and he slowly but surely learned to harness the raw magical power surging through his viens. He now uses these spells to enhance his fighting, and has been known to sling spells while upside down, flipping through the air.

Golden blonde hair tied back adorns his scalp, and a grin that nearly splits his face adds to an attractive air that hovers around Iro.

Wearing a pale shirt, plain leather trousers, and a stout traveling cloack, Iro looks the epitome of casualness. He carries a small satchel with him over his shoulder with a leather strap, and a small silver chain from his belt to his pocket.