Rika Miyazaki
Name: Rika Miyazaki

Age: 21

Species: Fairy

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rika has a mildly petite height at 4'10 and like many other fairies, her choice of clothing has a myriad of colors and a 'liberated' theme though she does keep a modicum of modesty since she knew that the possibility of her being sent as a homestay existed. Adding to the mythical aura fae usually possess, Rika has shiny silver hair that flows down to her lower back and gold eyes.

Personality: Rika has a surprising amount of formality coming from the playful fae but that's not to say she lacks a playful attitude, as she fully exercised such a mindset but when she was selected for the Interspecies Exchange Program, she immediately began shifting to a more formal attitude to avoid irritating her future homestay family.

Bio: While Rika knows of the IEP through happenstance, she has very little knowledge about actual human society since she originally thought she'd be spending her life among her fellow fairies and not living among humans.