Torii Tamami
Name: Torii Tamami

Age: 19

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance (text): Torii stands at an average height of 5'6, sporting shiny ebony black hair that goes down to her neck, uncovered azure blue eyes, and unblemished pearl white skin. Her choice of wardrobe tends to lean toward casual black and gray, though it is often covered by a white apron which she wears because of her job as a cafe owner.

Personality: Torii has always carried a great amount of optimism, a surprising maternal instinct despite her young age, and a friendly attitude toward others which, coupled with her skill at cooking, has attracted a lot of frequent customers to the cafe her family is financing for a year to ensure Torii is able to keep it running in the future.

Bio: Although she's rather fresh out of graduation from school, Torii had always had a strong inclination toward cooking and after taking the classes necessary to acquire the licenses to operate a cafe, she made all of the needed preparations to open a cafe a little ways outside of the town, and although she decided to make the three floored cafe rather standard (ground floor being the workplace and the two floors above being living spaces), but to make hers stand out, Torii keeps a small greenhouse with homegrown herbs that she uses to 'spice' up her culinary confections.

ETC: While she doesn't get all that much time to do it, but Torii is an avid gamer, particularly the fields of MMOs, RPGs, and surprisingly FPS games.

Cafe name: Clair de Lune (French for Moonlight)