Scott Johnson
Name: Scott Johnson

Age: 21

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Scott likes to keep his hair spiked up in a such a way that he doesn't have to worry about maintaining it all of the time. He stands at roughly 5'6" and has a slim build.

Personality: Scott tends to keep to himself, as a majority of his friends that he talks all live in other major cities, or have conflicting schedules with his job so he can't go out with them as much as he used to.

Bio: After his grandfather died, he received a call from his grandmother to ask if he would be interested in taking over his old manga shop. Since he needed some kind of employment so he could move out of his family's house, he took the offer and moved over to the town so he could reopen the shop for business. Little did he know that the apartment that was right above it was recently approved for the monster housing program, something that wasn't mentioned to him when he first agreed to continue what was left behind.