Airis Silver
Name: Airis Silver

 Age: 18

 Species: Mostly Demon

 Gender: Female

 Appearance: Airis is a short (5’ 2”) beautiful woman that has deep green eyes set in an innocent face shaped with long blonde hair that hangs down to her knees. She has a shapely figure with a busty build. She has a tanned complexion with lots of tattoo’s that just seemed to appear. She looks like a normal teenager except for her large bat wings, the horns on her head, the forked tail, pointed ears and the fact that instead of nails, she has claws. And when she smiles, she can’t help but to show off her fangs. She tends to wear halter tops, cargo shorts and knee high boots with high heels.

 Personality: She is open and friendly, loving to meet new people and see new things.  She loves to see new things and try them. She has a very creative side. She also has a dark side, if someone makes her mad she can get nasty though she has learned not to hurt people but her green eyes turn a deep red. She can also be very mischievous and takes some inventive shots. She likes to catch people in different and very human pictures. She hates to be bored and loves to fly.

 Bio: Airis does not know where she came from other then what her human mother has told her. She said a woman showed up one day and said she could not keep the baby that was mostly demon. The woman said she was half human and half demon and the baby’s father was full demon. The woman said she had foreseen that the baby would be too nice to survive in hell. So she brought the baby to earth to live. She said she hoped to come back one day to see her but it never happened.