Hapa Nierstrazi
Name: Hapa Nierstrazi

Age: 19

Species: Bluering (A breed of Scylla, smaller and weaker than the better-known species.  Bluerings are generally shy and reclusive, using their powers of camouflage to avoid trouble or hiding in holes.  However, when provoked, their skin changes to a bright yellow with contrasting iridescent blue rings.  This generally makes people go away, because the paralytic poison that a Bluering can inject with a bite is extremely dangerous.  Bluering males are relentlessly, ah, aggressive in chasing girls or guys, leading to female Bluerings becoming even more reclusive.)

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Hapa is a young Bluering girl, and thus fairly small, with relatively short limbs.  She has large yellow eyes and medium-length green hair and a slender figure.  Her skin color changes at her whim, and her body is remarkably flexible, so some details of her appearance will alter as needed.

Personality: While Hapa is, like most Bluering girls, a bit shy and feels awkward in social situations, she's actually driven by an ambition that leads to her overcoming this shyness-- Hapa has come to the human world in search of education, with a goal of learning to be a professional computer programmer, and breaking into the computer industry.

Backstory: Hapa was once a shy young Bluering, but she'd heard enough about the human world through the rumor mill to be curious, and then she learned about the wonder of computer networks.  She knew what her goal in life had to be, and she set out to become a computer expert!

Unfortunately, salt water has catastrophic effects on computer systems, and Hapa realized that she was going to need to get to the world of humans if she was going achieve her goals.  Her ambition overpowered her shyness, and she applied for an exchange program as quickly as she could.  She's going to face many obstacles, though, and one of them is getting her hands on a decent computer setup...