Phoebe Athroistis
Name: Phoebe Athroistis

Age: 20 years old

Species: Medusa (Lamia subspecies)

Gender: Female

Appearance: 20 ft. long from head to tail, olive green scales with pale yellow underbelly.  Her head snakes, fewer and bulkier than other Medusae, reach as far down as her shoulders, though she usually keeps them "up" hidden within a cotton rastafarian hat (so humans don't immediately assume they'll be turned to stone, which she couldn't do anyway).  Usually wears pink-tinted glasses.

Personality: Phoebe is very laid back and easy going, to the point where most people would consider her ditzy or forgetful.  Despite that, she's a loyal friend and can be surprisingly knowledgeable in many areas.

Backstory:  When the opportunity to enlist in the IEP was presented to Phoebe's village, she immediately signed up without really considering the option that she could decline.  She didn't regret it, however, relishing the opportunity to meet and learn from a wide variety of other cultures.