Hayato Rex
Name: Hayato Rex

Age: 28

Species: Human

Gender: Male

180cm, 75 kg, athletic build.  Jade green eyes (takes after his mother), and medium length white hair (experiment gone bad in the early days). In the country side, he favors light, plain cotton clothing that allows him to travel through woods and mountains with ease. He sports a yukata in colder weather.  He has a full western wardrobe replete with designer suits as well, but he hasn't worn those since selling off his company.

Inhumanely calm, even at the center of a crisis, he will cooly analyze the situation and form a brilliant solution. When excited, his voice actually lowers an octave and he sounds more composed than before. While he finds other people interesting, he fails to connect with them on a human level, and often comes off as cold and even rude. He fancies himself a little mysterious and gets annoyed when people see through him, and also gets easily irritated with people prone to irrational or emotional decisions.  Otherwise, he is extremely curious in all things, no matter how mundane, and very kind to animals.

Born the child of diplomats, Hayato traveled the world as a youth, never staying in one place long enough to make any friends. He dedicated his life to studying everything he could get his hands on and excelled in the sciences and arts. He obtained a doctorate in physics at the age of 18 and made his first millions by starting a biotech company. By the age of 25, he grew disillusioned with a life in the spotlight and retired into seclusion, selling his company in the process.

He had been living in a hillside farm in the Japanese countryside since; and having thought that he achieved everything life had to offer, started toying with the idea of suicide just to see what the next step would be.  That is, until the opportunity to host a real life monster landed squarely in his lap.  Reinvigorated by both the idea of a inhuman sentient being and the mystery of who chose him and why, he yanked himself out of seclusion and set out on the next stage of his life.