Lisa Sequoia
Name: Lisa Sequoia (LISA stands for Lady of Incredible Size and Assets)

Age: 271 (looks 17)

Species: Titanis (a kind of ogre)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lisa is a gorgeous young woman in full bloom with a sleekly muscular build, long legs, large and shapely breasts, and a slender waist. Her hair is golden blonde and jauntily short, accentuating her tomboyish beauty, and her eyes are wide and gold colored.

Lisa is also very, very big. Even compared to other gigantes, she's massive, towering at just over 20 meters tall. Most adult humans come up to her ankles. Naturally, all of her clothes have to be custom-made, so she doesn't tend to wear much.

Personality: Unlike other gigantes, Lisa loves being big. She thinks humans are just the cutest things ever, particularly kids, and she loves human culture. She is almost pathologically cheerful; the only thing that can get her down is being abandoned by someone she likes.

Like the rest of her kind, Lisa possesses great patience and strong powers of introspection. She is not very aggressive except in her desire to hold, hug, and pet humans.

She also likes privacy, but she has learned to accept that she just isn't going to get much of it due to her extreme size. She is very grateful for useful gifts that humans give her, and she would be a friend for life to anyone who gave her a place to live permanently.

Species Info/Backstory: Lisa is a sort of mythological throwback, an immense, magical giantess of great beauty and pleasant temperament. She did not fit in even among the Gigantes who raised her, due to her sheer bigness and insatiable curiosity.

In addition to her immense size, great strength even for her size, and near imperviousness to injury, Lisa has innate magical abilities, particularly elemental manipulation. She can also change her size and make herself even larger, though not smaller than her "natural" height.

Her mastery of her innate magic is minimal at best, since she has never had a teacher. She has currently attained a record height of 53.45m when pushing herself and can conjure and manipulate moderate amounts of elemental substances with acceptable finesse.

She wants to live among humans both because she likes them very much and because she hopes that, somewhere out there, there is a human who knows what she is and can teach her to use her abilities, which she is pretty sure are psychic or something like that. Her greatest desire is to make many friends and to be useful to as many people as possible. She dreams of using her size and power to protect and rescue humans from danger.