Orin Scard
Orin is largely a man of mystery. When one does happen to catch a well-placed glimpse of him, he makes it a point not to stand out, yet make an impact on those around him. He wears non-descript clothing, often with a hood over his head to hide his hybrid heritage of being a Half-Elf. He is relatively tall, and decently built. What people notice of him when he is in the wilds is that he has an assortment of weapons, including two rather stylized daggers. He also has a rapier, and a shortbow and quiver over his shoulder with a backpack in addition. When his hood is pulled down, and he isn't keeping to the darkness, one can notice his long, midnight black hair and matte, forest-green eyes. He moves carefully as though he was a cat, and he always seems to be preternaturally aware of his environment.