Ulfgar Holderhek
Ulfgar Holderhek is almost indiscernible from a small boulder. He is built with great strength, and is tall and heavy for a Dwarf; almost unnaturally so. He wears finely groomed, auburn facial hair, as is traditional for many Dwarves. His armor gleams in the light, and it is apparent that he takes good care of himself and his possessions. His most notable possession is a fearsome warhammer that he carries with purpose. While he is a serious individual, he does not have the grating personality that many Dwarves have; in fact, he is quite the opposite. He is amiable, and rather polite and patient with other people. He truly does seem like a kind being, despite what racial prejudices might exist. It is clear he carries himself like a soldier, likely because he apparently was one; he carries a badge of rank on his shoulder.