Khalazar Ul Atahbi
A very old human man, who relies heavily on his staff to stand and walk.  He has exceedingly long hair, eyebrows and beard.  All are translucent-white (think polar bear fur), thin and wispy.  He peers up from under said eyebrows with tired, misty eyes, whilst his honey, but dusty skin is like a landscape of valleys and mountains, covered in deep-set wrinkles.

He wears either travelling garb, or scholarly robes.  Both are unremarkable and dully coloured.

The strangest thing though is the way light seems to interact - or rather fails to - interact with him.  No matter how bright or direct the light-source, he only ever seems to be illuminated by diffused lighting.  No part of him ever gets cast into strong contrast and no part of him ever casts a shadow. Its as though a permanent storm cloud hangs over his head.

He and his belongings feel 'clammy' to the touch.