Herrin Madrigal
Sold into slavery as a gladiator when she was a young woman, Herrin was forced to fight to pay off her father's debts. She tried to escape countless times, always caught and beaten in an attempt to subdue her. Never worked. Still, her time as a gladiator served her well and she found that the savage lifestyle suited her, despite her rabid desire for freedom. That freedom was eventually bought when her exploits finally paid off enough to buy her release. Now she hires herself out as a bodyguard, or other forms of muscle as needed. That is, until she ended up with her two companions, where she stays for the time being.

Herrin is 6 feet tall with strong, impressive muscles yet she still has lithe, feminine curves in spite of her strength. Her skin is tanned from the sun and her dark blue eyes are swirled with gray, usually narrowed into a rather unwelcoming squint. Her head is shaved, though a bit of auburn stubble keeps her from being totally bald. Her lips are full and usually in a sneer or scowl, and her features and jawline are hard, even though she manages to be pretty anyway. Her nose looks like it's been broken a time or two and then reset. Still decent but a bit less streamlined than it was when she was young. She has several nasty looking scars throughout her entire body, particularly her back where she was beaten by her captors. She also has a thin, white scar on her jaw and temple and another on her head where her hair doesn't grow anymore. Her attire is usually fairly form fitting and easy to move in, showing off her muscular silhouette through the material. She likes to bare her arms when she can. She's proud of them and she gets hot easily, and she often wears black with a splash of color, particularly red as it's her favorite.