Name- Mrs.Jones

Age- ???

Gender- Female

Species- Human

Personality- Mrs.Jones is kind but demanding. She know what she wants and will except no less to the misfortune of her tenants. She has a habit of forcing her will upon others without question and it's hard to tell her know as she immediately runs with ideas. Luckily she doesn't live in the house so tenants don't have to worry often.

Appearance- Tall but hunched, Mrs.Jones stands at approximately 5'9". Her thin frame make her slow footsteps light, elegant as if she was a former dancer. Her skin a deep ebony and head shaved as it has been since she was young. Wide dark brown eyes sit over a fat nose and full lips, surrounded by wrinkles like ripples in water. Her smile is slightly crooked, almost white, and kind.

Backstory- Not much is know about Mrs.Jones, except that Big Blue was passed down to her after her mother died. No one knows if she has any children, who her husband is, or even her first name. All they know is the snippets she reveals as she rants onto tenants.