Annabelle Arasell
Name- Annabelle Arasell

Age- 22

Gender- Female

Species- Half human and half pixie on her mom's side.

Personality- Entergetic, upbeat, and flighty as can be, Bell is truly a pixie at heart. A music pixy that is, as she spends all her time looking for and attending concerts and festivals. As a result she's an avid stoner and her room is often covered in a suspicious smelling magic mist. Not one to be very considerate, she receives a lot of noise complaints.

Appearance- 5'2" and 150 pounds, Bell is chubby as she is cute. Her bright orange hair stops at the small of her back when it's twisted into its regular braid. Loose strands fall in front of her father's almond eyes with irises green as the grass. Usually she wears crop tops and dressed with open backs to let her wings out. Her wings are clear and usually only used to hover a few inches off the ground to avoid walking. Boots are her choice of footwear, to protect her feet from rough landings. Her left ear is weighed down with metal, the right one only a few pieces of jewelry behind. Her belly button and bottom lip are also pierced by decorative metal. Loving to show off and colors alike she adds glitter to everything, leaving a trail behind her always.

Backstory- After dropping out of high school Bell left her parents house, hopping across country from one concert to the next. She makes money helping bands set up and break down along with her less than legal piercing business she runs out of her backpack.