Name: Nadia
Age: Unknown (appears mid-20s)
Gender: Female
Species: Rusalka (fey/undead water spirit)

Back story: Nadia's life began with her death she was murdered, strangled and held underwater until she drowned. She doesn't know who her killer was, but she feels betrayed. She knows little else of her life beforehand, only vague impressions, short flashes of memory, faces she can't put names to. Some time after her death, she resumed existing, now as a water spirit unable to leave the lake she died in.

She had a hard time creeping around the shore, finding and stealing clothes and a laptop from picnickers and hikers. Eventually, she learned she was a rusalka, a water spirit from Slavic mythology, and that she could only rest in peace if her death was avenged. That seemed impossible in her state; her killer was evidently never caught. Instead, Nadia chose not to try to rest in peace, nor to go mad and murderous around the lake, but to resume living her new life as best she can.

She used the opportunity of Green Week, a time in June when rusalki can move freely away from their water homes, to go to the Big Blue apartment building. There she got a room and a job as gardener and pool attendant, the one paying for the other. Now she's bound to the swimming pool and the building's plumbing, and so can move freely around the building but not beyond it.

Personality: Although shy at first because of her experiences, Nadia is friendly and pleasant, with a bold and good-humoured nature, but this covers a quiet depression and grief for her own death and what she's lost. She's still discovering much about herself. For a dead woman, she has a lot of life left in her yet.

She's discretely investigating her murder where she can. Since she can't leave the house, she enlists others' help for errands.

She can usually be found watering the plants and lawn and hanging around the pool, where she serves as lifeguard and pool cleaner. The pool is her home and often where she sleeps (the dead woman found floating in the pool in the morning is perfectly well, actually), so she's fastidious about keeping it tidy.

Powers & Skills: As a rusalka, she has an array of magical powers. She can conjure quantities of fresh water and make her body very damp and slippery as a fish. Plants grow well under her care and watering. Her form is fluid; she can reshape her body and grow her red hair long enough to tangle people. She's an excellent swimmer. A kiss lets a mortal survive underwater, which she makes good use of as a lifeguard. She also a sweet and alluring singing voice, which makes her good at karaoke. Otherwise, she's seeking a hobby to occupy her.

Appearance: Nadia is a pretty young woman with crimson red hair and pale skin, with dark eyes that give her a sad or moody aspect, but this is offset by her usual carefree smile. She's typically slender and yet graceful, but her form is rather fluid: although her face and colour remain the same, she can shape her body into any desired form, whether fit and athletic, beautiful and statuesque, or curvy and plump. There's always a dampness to her, however, such as wet hair, footprints, or clothing.

She wears casual clothes, with no style other than old things she could scrounge. However, she favours things that will let her get in the pool quickly if she has to, and hence usually has a bikini underneath.

She's currently in worn denim shorts and an old t-shirt for gardening and pool-work.