Merrill O'Keefe
Age: 24

Species: Hound of Hell (begrudgingly)

Personality: As Merrill, he's one of those nice guys that doesn't seem to get how to interact with people. He is a bundle of nerves and tends to talk a lot when he's around others, and when he's not he talks to himself out loud. A bit of a pessimist, he's a bit sarcastic. He wants to think that good things will happen but considering what he came from, it's a bit of a task. As the hound, he's not a nice but that’s because he's meant to collect those whose deals are up and drag them to the underworld.

Appearance: He's average looking as far as height and weight is concerned, tone but definitely not buff. Merrill has brown eyes and brown messy hair, behind his right ear there's a small marking that glows red when he has a soul to collect.  As the hound, he's got scales that line his body as a protective coating. His teeth are razor sharp as are his claws. A red halo glows around the iris of his eyes, which has occasionally carried over to two-legged Merrill.

Backstory: At some point along the way, someone down below decided that having hell hounds living among humans was a great idea. Schematics that had to do with it being easier to collect the souls of those who signed them away, hell if Merrill understood it but that was why he was…a thing. He didn't know it at first, side effect of being 'born' a one of the new fancy type of hounds or maybe a defect in the way that he was made. Either way, one day he just poofed into existence with a complete back-story programmed into his brain.

He's not sure exactly when it happened or how long he's existed topside but Merrill knows he's not like your average human. One day it just all became clear after the first night that he dragged some poor unfortunate down a back alley to meet his demise. The guy had it coming, sold his soul for ten years of fame and fortune. From that night on, he knew exactly what he was and that all the stuff loaded into his brain that was supposed to be his past was crap.

When the hound takes over, he had no control over it. He's conscious but there's clearly something driving him to search out the souls whose timers have run out. After the hunt, he crashes hard and when he wakes is only left with foggy memories of who he'd gone after the night prior.

Merrill hates what he is but since he knows that it's impossible to change it, he just does his best to balance things out when he can. Do a little good to try and make up for the horrible thing that is his nighttime job. Oddly, he works at a veterinary clinic during the day…the odd part being that the animals actually like him, really like him. Something he wouldn't have expected being that he was what he was but it works, less interaction with people.