Physically, Naomi is a rather slight, thin, nerdy looking girl with slim, stick-like limb, pale, somewhat pasty skin. She has long brown hair that looks like she hasn't bothered to cut or style in months, and it seems filled with oil, dirt, and grime. She is an overall short girl, although not too below the average. As far as clothes go she usually wears either a labcoat or a hooded sweatshirt. They're almost always grimy, oily, and dirty, and sometimes even ill-fitting. Some say that she is actually rather pretty when she gets sleep and cleans herself up, but unfortunately she is a person who quite clearly doesn't care much about her appearance. As far as mannerisms go, Naomi has a strange tendency to stare at people and objects, her eyes moving quickly to scan the thing in question almost like a bug. She also tends to scratch her chin while thinking or tilt her head when curious.