Dante Strickland
Dante "Running Wolf" Strickland

  Age: 42 looks like early-mid 30's.  6'1", 240 lbs. Brown hair, Grey eyes
  Ethnicity: Cherokee/Irish/German

  Current Job: Private Investigator

  You wanna know about Dante?  Well, stop in and buy him a round at his favorite watering hole, the Hooters just outside of DC.  Maybe he'll talk, maybe he won't.  One thing while you're there though, don't do anything stupid, like try to get too handsy with the girls there.  Word has it that Dante is pretty protective of them, especially Kat the bartender. One time a foursome of bikers got stupid and rowdy and Dante stepped up to teach them some hard life lessons.  He paid for the window that the leader went through face first, and the tables and chairs that got broke.  Word is that he tips extremely well and he might have something going on with Kat.  Other than that, the staff know that he used to work for the Treasury Department.  Some kind of auditor or something.