Colin Ericson is a thirty-two year old, full-time mathematics professor at South Portland Community College.  About six foot two, 210, with a pleasant face, curly, brown hair and a ruddy complexion, Colin was a promising high school and college athlete in baseball and track.  He was heavily scouted by several colleges, as well as some Minor League Baseball organizations.  However, a promising career was cut short at the beginning of his sophomore year of college due to significant rotator cuff surgery on his pitching arm.  Though he recovered from the surgery, he never seemed to fully regain his earlier form.  Fortunately, he was a good student who maintained grades and graduated cum laude despite the loss of professional athletic opportunity.  Eventually, he earned an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Southern Maine.  After, he worked for about five years as a measurement specialist at a regional R&D laboratory, before accepting a full-time faculty position with SPCC.  In his spare time, he plays and designs video games, cycles, jogs and coaches his nephew's Little League team.  Although never married, he was engaged to another woman -- a promising attorney -- for almost a year before their relationship ended acrimoniously.  He met Renee Danse a few weeks later at an SPCC faculty mixer.  Although cautious about entering another serious relationship, Colin found the woman fascinating.  The two have been dating for a bit more than two months now, most seriously in the last few weeks.  He has begun to make the most preliminary of 'let's move in together' noises.