Lily Babineaux is a thirty-five year old attorney with Mayor, Keeton and Grippe, a respected regional law firm.  A skilled litigator and strong personality, Lily made Senior Attorney last year, and the expectations are that she will make Junior Partner within the next five years.  Lily and Colin Ericson dated for more than three years, over a year of that as fiances.  However, Lily's controlling personality, in conjunction with her 60+ hour weeks and extreme focus on her career, led to the couple's eventual breakup.  Feeling ill-used, Lily bore a quiet grudge about the entire affair, which blossomed into a jealous simmer when Colin started dating Renee Danse.  Standing 5'10" and weighing in at about 135, Lily is a striking woman with dark, auburn hair, fine features and a small cleft in her chin.