Daughter of the 13th Duke of Argyll, Torquhil Ian Campbell, she began to manage his estates upon his decline and, in a rather surprising turn, was granted the title instead of his son.  Well, maybe not too surprising.  While avoiding the royalty/celebrity status of her peers she kept herself relevant and involved.  Everyone she encounters speak highly of her, but tend to get a little vague on the details.  While she rarely leaves the estates and properties of Argyll (in Scotland titles are tied to land) her influence can be felt throughout Great Britain and Europe.

While it is rumored that her fiery red hair fuels an equally fiery temper, no one has witnessed it.  She seems slightly obsessed with preserving sites of historical/religious significance but this is explained away due to her education in religious history focusing on the pre-Christian era (she has written texts and books on the topics.  Including the most thorough compilation of Scottish fairytales.  She is considered the Edith Hamilton of Scottish mythology).