James Theaker
Dr. James Theaker is handsome, stylish, he is 45 years old and an untenured archaeology professor at Miskatonic University, in the College of Language, Literature, and the Arts (LL&A), School of Antiquities, Department of Archaeology.

  His theories are somewhat extreme for the Miskatonic University Department of Archaeology. He sometimes tries to forcefit occult beliefs into 'established' archaeological beliefs.

  Additionally, some of his relations with female students has caused some concern to the faculty. There are rumors about late night rendevous and occult 'goings on'. Nothing has been proven, so far.

  In the fall of 1933, Dr. Theaker was "exchanged", for three years, for the untenured archaeology professor, Dr. Thadius Trumbull, from Cambridge University.

  Dr. Theaker was 'recalled' after the co-operative Middle Harling dig in England. Several important statuettes had been lost, but not of his doing. At least that was the explanation. Regardless, this was the second failure of the co-operative digs by Cambridge and Miskatonic and both had Dr. Theaker. As a result, Dr. Theaker was summoned back to Miskatonic for a 'close scrutiny' by his peers.

 He was just about to be fired from his position at Miskatonic. His colleagues from the Middle Harling dig came from England to support him. While he was preparing a presentation to his Miskatonic peers, his niece contacted him about a strange murder in Arkham's dump. Arkham's mayor wanted a 'fresh set of eyes' on the case as it appeared to have occult origins.  If the investigation was successful, his position at Miskatonic would be secure. With the help from his Middle Harling dig colleagues and the Miskatonic coroner, the case was 'solved'. It was 'explained' as a an occult ritual killing and the murderer had been killed in a battle at the dump. Dr. Theaker's position had been saved and Arkham was a safer(?) place.

†He was born in Arkham Massachusetts in 1889 to a wealthy family, his father being a medical doctor. His father and he spent many lazy, summer afternoons fishing by the Miskatonic River where The Halls of Miskatonic University were close by. Theaker drew close to the old university and it's buildings almost as a moth is attracted to an open flame.† He attended private schools until 1907 when he graduated high school and went to Miskatonic University to study archaeology. During his first semester at Miskatonic, he joined the "The Prometheus Society" and his interest in the occult was formed and which he has pursued to this day.

 Francis Theaker is his niece. She is a 24 year old , platinum blonde, blue eyed, lawyer working for the City of Arkham.

 In 1911 he graduated with a Master of Science in Archaeology and a minor in Psychology and began his graduate studies. To gain experience in archaeology he worked on several Miskatonic University digs in the US, mainly in the southwest US from 1913 until 1915.

 In 1915 he resumed his graduate studies, but those were put on hold in 1917 when the US entered World War I. Once drafted into the army, he was put though officers training school and in early 1918 became a lieutenant stationed in France. He was a logistics officer and did not see any fighting, but he had quite a bit of time to become a good shot with his Colt M1911 auto.
 While in the Great War, Theaker met Arthur Cooper, they became good friends and stayed in contact with after the war.
He was discharged in early 1919 and went back to Miskatonic to finish his graduate studies.

 Theaker was a graduate student who assisted Dr. Merriweather on the Traprain Treasure dig in the summer of 1919, he then returned to complete his graduate work. (This information 'borrowed' from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traprain_Law#Archaeology) Dr. Merriweather was never creditied by the team led by Curle and Cree which began the first excavations in 1914 and continued them until 1923, finding layers of fragmentary stone and timber houses under the turf.

 He received his archaeology doctorate in 1922, his thesis supporting the theory that current humans came out of China. His paper was published, "Homo Sapiens out of China". The thesis impressed Roy Chapman Andrews so much that Theaker was invited on Chapman's Mongolian digs that Chapman began later that year and ended with the fourth expedition in 1925.

 Theaker returned to Miskatonic University as an associate professor in 1926.

 A year later, Arthur Cooper, now a medical resident, married Laura Delacroix. Theaker was Arthurís best man at their wedding. Theaker knows Lauraís father by reputation and met him on several occasions.
Arthurís marriage appeared to be falling apart after several years. A hushed scandal occurred when Arthurís farm was deliberately set fire. Laura had started the fire to destroy some horrific experiments that Arthur had started. After the fire, Theaker visited her during her stay at Arkhamís sanatorium, and she confided what she found at the farm. Theaker never forgave Arthur and Arthur disappeared.

 Theaker has progressed to full professor in later years.

Here is Dr. Theaker's home in Arkham:
 The home is on Pickman Street at Garrison Street, at the northeast corner. It's about a block or so away from the Miskatonic campus. Just west of the "Witch House".
 The home has all the upgrades as well as a full basement and a detached garage.
 The furniture is of ultra-modern 1930's design. There are photographs of Dr. Theaker at different locations hung on the walls. In the prime positon is a photo from England with the Middle Harling dig team.
 Interesting curios are in a glass display cabinet. The living room has two sofa's and two arm chairs. Eight people could be seated easily.
 The room to the north of the living room is the dining room and beyond that is the kitchen.
 To the left of the kitchen is the stairs to the basement and the back door.
 Outside of the back door is the detached garage.  There is a 1932 Packard Standard Eight inside it. http://www.remarkablecars.com/1932-packard-904-dietrich-sport-phaeton.html
 The bedrooms are to the left of the dining room as is the bathroom.
 At the bottom of the stairs there is a large tapestry on the left and wine racks on the right.  There are three doors down a wide corridor going to the south.
 The first door on the left is Dr. Theakers office and his archaeology and occult reference books.
 The next door down is a 'fully operational' seance room. The last door leads to a darkroom.
 There is a lot of storage room and a large gun cabinet.

 Here is a map of Arkham and it's surroundings.