Victor Pettibone
Slightly taller than average, Pettibone is a lean man, though stronger than he might appear and deft in his movements. His work-roughened hands and weathered face belie his considerable intellect and education. His hair is still thick, as is his mustache, both graying from their original dark brown. His light brown eyes are often slightly unfocused and he blinks often.

Educated as an historian and archaeologist by Cambridge University (Clare College); trained by the Royal Engineers as a miner and builder; John Pettibone is now employed in the Cambridge University Archaeology Department. His job is to organize digs, overseeing all the mundane and mechanical work and keep all the gear in serviceable condition. (After his experiences in the War, he found it impossible to complete his MA in archaeology.)

Pettibone is rarely seen in the field without a short-handled spade that he uses as a pointer and swagger-stick.