Edward Barnaby
Born to a military family in Lowestoft, Suffolk, Edward Barnaby, never called Ed for short except by his father when he was trying to get on his good side, was raised for a career in the military. He learned to shoot at a very young age and was gifted with his father's .45 automatic one day when he successfully hit a target from 30m. In his spare time, Edward liked to travel to Cornwall to "visit family" but mostly to climb the granite cliffs.

When he turned 18, Edward's father planned to enroll "Ed"in the military. Edward, however, had different dreams and against his father's wishes, and Edward left Lowestoft for Cambridge to study anthropology and biology. In spite of his father's displeasure with his choice of paths, Edward's incredible attention to detail allow him to excel, earning numerous academic scholarships and even the opportunity to visit Jordan to work on his Arabic.

At the insistence of his professors and his personal ambition, Edward chose to continue his studies at Cambridge, focusing on archaeology.