Oktar is a lone hobgoblin, something rarely seen. He is an average specimen of his species, in fact non-goblinoids probably wouldn't be able to distinguish him from any other hobgoblin. If it weren't for the unusual black hooded cloak he wears over his armor. He stands shy of 5 and a half feet tall but is a stout looking goblinoid. His orange eyes glow a little brighter than other hobgoblin's. His skin is a mossy green, faded from years of travelling and spending his time under the sun.

The reason Oktar isn't part of a hobgoblin army is because he has never fit in with the usual hobgoblin take on life. That and the army he was raised in tried to kill him. As a young boy he wasn't as interested in war, he was a curious hobgoblin. Which meant that he wasn't a part of the army. For a hobgoblin that meant that he was barely better than the slaves. He spent a lot of his time with the slaves. In particular he found himself playing with the children of a human named Razia. She was a very mothering woman and despite his hobgoblin blood treated him as one of her children. This only made the other hob's treat him worse.

One day just before Oktar's 14th year the army decided to trade some of their slaves for more weaponry, including a few of Razia's many children. She was distraught. She wanted to keep all of her family together. Hobgoblins have no use for slaves that try to speak out, so she was about to be executed. Oktar tried to intervene but was merely bashed over the head for his trouble.

He awoke a few minutes later, his thick skull saved him from death. He was laying on a pile of bodies, other slaves had apparently tried to help. Razia was among them. He set out to find a new home. He started hearing Razia's voice in his head. At first he thought her loss had driven him mad, but later came to realize it was actually Razia. Her soul had taken up residence in his mind.

Having two souls in one body granted Oktar psychic abilities. He spent the next 5 years honing these talents. Somewhere along the way he learned of the church of Pharasma. He decided he must have been chosen to become one of her reapers who lead souls to the Boneyard. That is why he was always different.

He knows that one day he will figure out how to take Razia's soul to its final restinf place and that day he will become a Psychopomp in earnest.