Razia used to be a Varisian woman who traveled all of Golarion with her clan. Her family had a history of multiple births. At a fairly young age she had a family of 10 children.  One fateful day her caravan was attacked by a group of hobgoblins and her husband was killed in the raid. She and her children were all made slaves.

She hated seeing her children being put to work by the goblinoids. Never would they be able to go out and start a family of their own, never would they travel the land as their people should. She did meet one young hobgoblin who seemed to dislike his people's penchant for slavery. It gave her hope to see him, Oktar, playing with her children.

On the day she died her soul was overtaken with hate. Through the force of will, and her motherly instincts, she ripped her way back to the material plane to try to protect her children. But she was too late. Somehow she found herself tied to Oktar.

Now as a phantom she appears as a pale skinned creature covered with black splotches and the flowing cloths of her people. Instead of the bright colors Varisians are known for she is always covered in black cloth. Sometimes she manifests with a child, or children, following her. These aren't actually the spirits of her young, merely a manifestation she creates.

Razia hates slavery and hobgoblins, even Oktar sometimes until he reminds her of the day he tried to protect her.

- Paintagram, deviantart