Falohn may once have been attractive -by goblin standards- but those days are long gone. With hardly thirty or so years of age, she is already a senior among her kin. Life has taken a serious toll on both her appearance and her health. Numerous scars, a bloated forehead, humongous ears and nose, she embodies the hideous witch of fables. Only the thick mane of hair that covers most of her back suggest a hint of health and vigor in an otherwise pathetic creature.

 What she likes in grace and strength though, she makes up for in insight and wit. Her sharp black eyes betray a subtle intellect and a keen mind. Only the stupid or brazen underestimate her.

 She will often be seen preceded by a large black raven and followed by a small brown goat. The former sometimes speaks out of turn, while the latter merely carries her pack. Her clothing is lame and worn out, evidently made up of scavenged pieces and not frequently washed or maintained. When in town she is used to spending time in dark alleys or even gutters, but she much prefers the company of wildlife and the cover of the night.