Alicia Emerson

Alicia is an eighteen young girl. She's quite tall at 1m79, and pretty thin. With long blond hair and bright blue eyes, she could probably envision a career as a model, maybe even a decent one. Except that she's de horrified by the simple suggestion. First, because she doesn't see herself as particularly pretty, and while she's not really hung-up on her breasts size... Let's just say that she can easily afford to not wear a bra - something she does quite often in fact - and leave it at that.
But mostly, she doesn't have the right mentality for that. She wears whatever she feels really comfortable (which quite often includes a geeky t-shirt), never uses make-up, and appearing in public is exactly how she thinks Hell must be, with some rare exceptions (like when she totally controls what is going on).

She's shy. Not in a mousy sort of way, she's not the quiet girl no one ever hears from, afraid to look anyone in the eyes. She just doesn't like meeting new people and almost never talks about herself and never asks questions about others. She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, or even in general. Except when the subject interests her. Then, she's not afraid to pick a side and fight for it, which allows everyone to notice the very sharp mind hidden all along.