Codename: BlackJack 'Jack'

Appearance:  Jered has light brown course hair that falls to the base of his neck and bangs that border both sides of the forehead.  The eyes are a bland brownish shade.  He stands about five and a half feet when his back is straight.  A lithe runner's body with sinewy muscles.  His skin is of a lighter shade by nature but tanned from time in the sun

Tipson was always a lazy individual who could enjoy lying in a pile of grass on a sunny day and let his mind drift along with the clouds.  Drive was always something he lacked in most areas.  No drive to climb up any career ladder or create any grand goals for himself.  Fortunately he has one saving grace in his personality that is both blessing and curse.  Tipson has quite the curious nature and once its piqued he'll be like a hound following a scent with focus on that one goal.  Once motivated he relies on manipulation and charm to learn what he wants.