Name: Vinny Clarkrye

Codename: Mazu

Age: Twenty two (22)

Appearance: Vinny stands at a casual 6'1" weighing in at about 75kg. His grey sooty hair hangs loosely and without much maintenance around his head. It was neither long nor short, just unkempt. Though, it never seemed dirty, looking closely enough it was actually silky smooth. His beard, however, was pristine and obviously so to even those not paying attention. The black colour was a few shades darker then his own hair. It was clearly well cultivated and cared for though it wasn't long but well trimmed. His green eyes were dull rather then the sparkling ones of his parents, and the whites were constantly bloodshot somewhere. His nose would have been considered perfect if not for the poor repair job he had done on it when it had broken. Now it rested slightly pointing to the right with a small ridge in the middle. His mouth was in an ever present state of some sort of smile, either a grin, a smirk, or a wry smile.

Vinnys shoulders were broad and obviously strong, as was the rest of his body. Dock work would do that to a man. He wasn't thin by any stretch of the imagination but he was fit, well toned. He usually wore a dark black three piece when he wasn't on the job. It was a simple affair, enough to look well in but in no way tailored, he didn't earn enough for that. Pockets lined the inside of his suit, though they were coloured and stitched to hide themselves. A blood red handkerchief was in his top left pocket which accentuated the red tie and filigree on the suit. Though, if you had it in your hands it would be obvious that it had never originally been red. Black leather shoes, with worn soles were what he wore on time off. They didn't click on the cobbles like they used to but he preferred that. He wore his collar popped to hide scarring on his neck. To the few that were there, they remembered the scarring traveled down to the back of his knees. Oil fires would do that to a man. His hands were calloused as were his knuckles, though the latter was more scarring then anything.

When he was working on the docks he wore almost grease infused clothing, dirt covering almost every inch of the unstandardized uniform. A white cotton t-shirt covered his chest while denim pants covered his legs. Thick work boots protected his shins and were actually not too uncomfortable all in all. A toolbelt was usually slung around his waste if he were on repair duty.

Personality: Vinny was easy going for most of the time, he did his work, drank with friends and went home. He preferred to keep quite until he could get a read on people, never wanting to upset, but always up for fun times. Though that was what he gave away on the surface. Vinny was a clever man, wily, sharp. He was always suspicious of others unless they had proven themselves to him. Fiercely loyal to his friends, there wasn't a lot he wouldn't do for them. A lot of people would cross the line at theft, others might go to assault, some brave ones could consider even arson. These were all lines Vinny had crossed for friends and for himself. His dull eyes could cause others to see him as soft, but he was nothing of the sort. He was a hard man that considered laws to be more of guidelines to getting things done. Death was something that happened, but could be avoided. Taking anothers life to keep his own seemed like a fair trade to Vinny. He considered himself fair, you cross him you get crossed. You steal you get stolen from. Eye for an eye was his kind of justice. Never really showing much emotion besides happiness people were surprised by how cold he could be.

Strengths: Careful, knife-fighting, brawling, able to hold his drink, cold, strong, dock connections, dock knowledge, ship knowledge, underground connections, clever.

Weakness: Cold, distrustful, firearms, loyalty, smoker, law-breaker, enemies, no feeling in his back, killer.

Likes: Bourbon, cigarettes, his knives, his life, good food, friendly brawling, animals, company, a nice fire.

Dislikes: Big mouths, empty threats, people who believed the world owed them something, liars, cheats, unnecessary cruelty.

Hates: "Hate clouds the mind."

Loves: "Love anything and you'll mourn it's loss."

Dreams: "Survive, dreaming is idle thinking."

Goals: "Settle down somewhere with less alleyways."

The Bike.