Brynn Lilibet
Name: Brynn Lilibet

Code Name: Not Assigned

Age: She looks to be 18, maybe 19

Appearance: Brynn appears to be in her late teens and is rather plain looking. She is a Caucasian woman and she looks to be cleaner than she should be. She dresses in ragged, miss-matched clothing a few sizes too large that she's nipped from dumpsters, garbage bins, or that were given to her by charities as cast off, and despite being clean many would guess she were recently homeless or good at cleaning up; both probably. The few stray strands of that escape from a grubby knit cap she usually pulls over her head is dark brown.

Personality: Brynn seems to be smart, adventurous, and determined to get what she wants. While sometimes bordering on stubborn, she does not give up on what she has set her sights on, regardless of the challenge presented. Often, this requires a combination of natural luck, optimism, and hard work together to achieve great things in life. That's not to say she does not realize that true success in life means only money and power. She chooses to live a relatively simple, but happy life. She wants to achieve the goals that matter to her and live happily with friends and family while having some adventure in her life.

She seems to be a prankster at heart. She enjoys humor and is merely willing to do what she needs to get by without hesitation or emotional attachment at times. Sometimes, she is less concerned with sparing or hurting feelings when she is doing what she needs to do, but it's never with malice in her heart. She doesn't let her emotions get in the way of moving forward, and let's her optimistic attitude keep her going through good times and bad. In fact, Brynn is often at her best in crisis or under pressure. Rather than buckling under the weight of a challenge, she will almost always happily rise to the opportunity as a new experience.