Name: Azazael Valids
Codename: Silver
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 22

Appearance:  An extremely athletically built man, toned with muscles.  Standing 5'10" with long curly black hair and silver eyes.  He wears dark Japanese styled boho pants adorned with a sash to hold them up and ended with black wraps on his lower cafes and feet.  On his arms are black leather fingerless gloves plated with sheets of dark metal that go past his biceps but stops at his triceps just before his deltoids, a metal plated leather vest upon his torso with a single silver chevron like strip under his chest and a dark metal plated neck-guard in the shape like that of a 'V'.  Wears a long flowing dark scarf that covers his shoulders and neck armor, it turns into a mummy-like wrap at the end covering his lower face.  He wears a dark cloak or normal overcoat most of the time.  His right ear has a silver band.
When dressing casually, he will normally wear torn and dark clothing.  Never wearing a shirt that isn't a button down or a v-neck.  Wears his usual pants and wrapping but with a pair of setta sandals.

Personality: Silver carries himself with a relaxed demeanor, despite never leaving himself open.  He has a witty sense of humor, spitting out banter no matter the situation.  Despite this, he is also a very hard to read person, being very erratic and enigmatic, never letting anyone know how he really feels or thinks aside from cautious.  Catty and coy he plays around in conversations.  He is always excited by a challenges, taking them head on with caution, shrewd thought, and scarily boundless resolve.   Even more so unfathomable are his capabilities when he really strives toward his goals.  He will treat everyone almost the same, being very broad- and fair-minded, whether with his sarcastically witty banter, disputatiousness, or even when being kind towards others.  He is always willing to show how bold, calculating, defiant, devious, meddlesome, and mischievous he can be.  He comes off as having an unemotional and solidly calm dispostion.  The way he converses seems quite offhand, profound, provocative, and very pugnacious.  He is also very willing to consider or accept new ideas and suggestions.  He finds himself in a constant pursuit of betterment.  Being very proud of his capabilities he will always try to show them off to an extent. Coming off mainly complex, lax in morals, and volatile towards others; he rarely found himself able to show his true kindness, good intentions, and vigorously high-spirited self.  Despite all of this, he fights to keep lives intact, only showing a deep contempt for beings he sees as scum, worthless, or evil.

Strengths: Silver is very cunning, and quick on his feet.  Exceptionally agile for a human, and stronger than what most would expect of someone of his size and stature.  He fancies himself a close and mid-ranged attacker.  He can take more blows than what anyone would ever think he could.  He prefers to dodge, deflect, and avoid almost everything, allowing himself to stay on the playing field during a fight with almost all kinds of creatures.  He can hide fairly well, dropping his presence easily and getting lost in crowds even easier.  He is a master at subterfuge and stealth, relying on them for years.  He has no real personality strengths or knowledgeable strengths.  Only that he is a slightly above average person of his age who'd have gone to college with no major.

Weaknesses: He really delves into things he finds interesting whether it be enemies, friends, mundane things, or even mystical or mythical things almost completely to a fault.  He usually doesn't back down from challenges, even when odds are stacked against him.  He also doesn't hold his tongue no matter what it is he is going to say or to who, or even the situation.  He is quick to making others angry, argue, and even disliking him.  Seeing that if they can't keep their cool with small words or actions, they'll be liable to get themselves killed just as easily.  As distant as he may seem, he is a very walled up person with much love for people, almost as much love has he has contempt for those he sees as vile.

Likes: He likes meat, lazy naps, devious and cunning beings, people who make and keep things interesting. Stealing, running people around hoops and to dangle others within his palms (per say).

Dislikes: Anyone who doesn't kill people that absolutely need to die in his eyes.   Foul hygiene, lack of manors, lack of wit or tack, lack of intelligence or common sense, and idiots.  He dislikes those who complain and sit idle in their weakness or pathetic lives instead of doing something with themselves or grasping for the power to overcome their tragedies, weaknesses, or situation.

Loves: He loves to fight, test himself, prove his superiority in his own way of thinking as challenges whether the challenge is on equal ground, lesser, or almost impossible; believing in wanting to claw himself from what he was as a kid, and to be ever growing stronger in his life.  Seeing if he dies he wasn't worth living in the first place.  He loves to put evil in places of perspective of their victims.

Hates:  Anyone who mistreats the innocent (abuse, rape, blackmail, things like that). Anyone who tries to betray him, and those who try to take his freedom in any manor, way, shape, or form.  People who speak in ignorance of the intense problems some people face, mainly the poor and desolate lives.

Dreams, Goals, and Aspirations: He wishes to fix the world, so that people don't have to grow up in a corrupt world, fearing for their lives, especially against their own brethren.  To attain immortality (seeing life as too short for what he wants to fix in the world).  Anything else is short term goals and aspirations to attain his long term, or to kill his time.

Hobbies and Pastimes: Thief for hire.  If a target is vile enough to him, he may even kill.  Blacksmith of weapons and armor, along with tailoring and leather working.