Name: Angela

Codename: Angel

Alignment: Neutral Good

Age: 20

Appearance: Pale, too skinny, average height, nimble hands. White blonde shoulder length hair. Brown eyes with gold rings around the pupil, marred by dark circles beneath.

Personality: Angela's had it rough. She has lived on the streets since her early teens. She is still, by her very nature, a caregiver. She's highly aware of her surroundings and the temperaments of those around her. This has given her insight into when people - and animals - are in need of comfort.

Strengths and weakness: Angela's heightened level of awareness is her greatest strength. Her weakness is in her tendency to try to help when help isn't desired or needed. She'll get in harms way if she thinks it will help someone else.

Likes, dislikes: Angela has a soft spot for animals, especially any who have been abandoned. This includes abandoned people. She dislikes injustice and bullying and will put herself in danger to stop it. She is a champion of many of the local runaway teens, as lost as cats in their own way.

Hates, loves: Angela hates bullying. She loves animals and helping sad people feel better.

Dreams, goals, and aspirations: Angela has managed to survive this long on the streets, dealing in information and moving quickly...but she knows there's got to be something else. She's seen too many people get used up by this hard life. She knows she can't go on like this much longer.

Hobbies or pastimes: Angela's time is filled with her routes around town just so she can stay alive, and take care of all the strays littered about the city, animals and people.

She also has a small addiction to gambling - the inevitable dice games that tend to spring up in dark alleys - but only because she's so good at them. She 'knows' how the tides are going to turn, and preys on people's pride to fleece them when she can.

Anything else you feel is relevant: Something has happened to Angela in her 'recent' past that's left her confused. She can't remember what it was, or when exactly it happened, just that she needed to be somewhere and do something, and she was. Her ability to see is wonky, overloaded from what she 'just' experienced. She's disoriented. Everything is coming at her at once and she doesn't know how to differentiate, or even what it is.

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Special Skills

Healing: Only through touch, she can lend some of her energy to another. She can share a soul-warming dose of life force, but it leaves her tired - she does this without thinking. (With practice she can learn to not use her own life force and learn instead to rely on other sources such as the elements)

Empathic: Sometimes through sight and always through touch, she is able to sense emotions and energy both moving and stuck within the body. Chi points, chakras. Sensing temperament is just something that comes naturally to her. (There is a great deal of untapped potential here)

Shield: Angela has a natural energetic shielding around her that helps her maintain her own energy when in dark circumstances or around people who are naturally draining. (With practice this can become a more literal representation of a shield)

Foresight: She can see lines of pre-determined motion if that movement is done with strong force of intentional will, especially when she's under duress. (With practice, she can learn to harness this as a skill even when not in danger for her life)

Energy Sword When under duress she can summon a needle of solid light that can be plunged into the energy center of her foes, disrupting the flow of chi, causing paralysis. (With practice, this could be turned into a healing art - accupuncture.)

Lucky: Fate or truth or just in her head? Who knows? She believes it. And she trusts it to move her when she's in dire straights.