Name: Elfreda Kholyavenko
Codename: none so far.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Appearance: She has short near-black brown hair, bob cut and a dark olive skin tone. Often wearing sweaters that look like they should belong to a grandpa and baggy capris she tends to look rather odd, and clearly doesn't care for her appearance in her day to day. She wears green, blue or  dark purple lipstick. She is 5'7" and broad shoulders. She has a slick black cane with a snake head on the top. She walks with a limp. She is relatively light, a large scar on her hip and a surgical scar above her knee and several on the back of her knees. Elfreda is relatively light with her strength mostly in her upper body.
Personality: Elfreda is aggressive, stubborn and confident on an edge verging on arrogance. She doesn't like to sugarcoat and she doesn't like to tolerate anything that doesn't coincide with her rather strict morals. She can be over protective, rather reactive to others and has somewhat of a sense of paranoia and alertness. Though when she feels like she can somewhat relax she is somewhat prideful, snarky and doesn't really try to fight others when she doesn't see any conflict. Elfreda seems to carry herself with a drive others would think ridiculous, but she has never been one to give up on others. She is caring, and though it might be odd in the way that she does Elfreda doesn't try to hide it.
Strengths and weakness:
Likes, dislikes: Likes swimming, building little contraptions, listening to people's stories, and learning about science. Dislikes those who road rage, loud noises, horror movies.
Hates, loves: She loves happiness and love seeing it on others and knowing she has helped someone, and she hates feeling weak or unable to do something or help someone.
Dreams, goals, and aspirations: She wants to effect the greatest amount and change the world to make it a better place than she left it even if it's only a little.
Hobbies or pastimes: She has built a few costumes, and love to draw and is quite good. She swims to stay fit.
Anything else you feel is relevant.
She has a fascination with the Faerie folk though know enough about them and their story to know that talking to them is mostly a bad idea. She watches too many cop shows.
Her cane has a button to release a pepper spray.