An eccentric businessman from a bustling Old World City who comes from a long line of merchants, able to trace his lineage as far back as to when humans and dwarves first began making contact.  Thelonius proved his worth to his family when he was given 10gp  at 10 years of age and told to not return home until he had turned it into a 1,000gp without ever using the family surname, contacts, or help.  Thelonius returned a year later with over 1,000,000gp worth of business ventures through shops and loans.  Always careful and meticulous, Thelonius has established himself as a Merchant Prince before the age of 18, a feat not easily accomplished.  With the wealth of a kingdom to back him up, Thelonius is able to explore, invest, and research almost anything he deems worthy of his attention.

With the discovery of the New World, Thelonius jumped at the opportunity, pulling the strings to ensure he would be the first to establish his claim on the New World and further establish himself towards becoming the Merchant King