Lucas Rainbleeder
A young vagabond turned cat burglar, Lucas found his true calling out at sea when he was sold to slavers after a botched break in to the Governors quarters of his hometown.  When it was discovered that Lucas had an abnormal ability to navigate the seas, the then-Captain took him on as a part of the crew, and after years of service and loyalty, eventually gave Lucas the ship.  Taking on a new crew, Lucas earned himself the name of 'Rainbleeder' after becoming notorious for attacking ships during heavy storms, seeming to be able to navigate his way flawlessly through the storm like a knife through butter.

Eventually he began to sell his services to certain lords and ladies who wanted rivals to have 'unfortunate' accidents at sea.  Until he was contacted by Thelonius, a young merchant lord, Lucas had worked job to job.  Thelonius formed a contract with Lucas, and the dreaded Rainbleeder became the Captain of a small fleet of merchant ships, eventually making his way to the New World to spearhead his sponsors ambitions.