Mordecai the Priest
A young man who took up the cloth of Pelor at a young age, Mordecai never knew his parents nor any family other than his parish.  Empathetic and kind to a  fault, Mordecai took on humanitarian mission through the Church to help any who needed it while spreading the word of Pelor and channeling His gift to drive off the cold grip that poverty and sickness had on his people.  A pacifist, Mordecai does whatever he can to avoid conflict and find the best middle ground possible.  Though he still looks young, the way he speaks and his hard eyes tells that he has lived a longer life than his appearance would show, and even some of the older Pelorite members speak as if they've known him for some years.

Kind hearted and trusting, Mordecai has learned to be wary of adventurers and their like until they've proven themselves loyal.