Kara Voidwalker
A pale, thin dhampir woman with dark hair, Kara wears heavy plate armor so easily that it seems like a second skin. Her thin frame belies an unnatural strength - she can lift thousands of pounds with no particular sign of effort. Her eyes are very dark, and when she draws on her power go to solid black, while wisps of darkness and flame cover her body. She carries an axe, but when possible tends to fight with shadow and fire and half-seen gravitational force that tears her enemies to pieces. Her shadow moves on its own and seems too solid to be a mere absence of light.

In personality, she attempts to remain cheerful, but this has grown more difficult for her as the years roll on. She seldom shows any sign of pain. She does not sleep. To a large extent, troubles of the flesh seem not to touch her, her body simply ignoring everything from poisons to blows to sorcery.