Citizen Zero
Playbook: Legacy
Name: Citzen Zero
Real Name: Dominic Vargas
Athletic perfection, Holmesian deduction, gadgetry

Look: Hispanic male, comfortable clothing, modern costume, symbol insignia

Dominic appears to be a somewhat tall well built Latino. He has very black hair and oddly green eyes. He tends to wear normal clothes-including t-shirt, jeans, sneakers. He might even be called handsome...if he could keep the sour look off his face.

As Citizen Zero, the costume is shaded white and black with a hood and full face mask. It looks like all that is inside the hood is a pair of glowing eyes. The cape seems to be able to vary its length, and conceals the somewhat modern body armor under the dark outfit. On the chest is a very obvious '0', although it does not seem to make a handy bullseyes due to its habit of vanishing out of view with the cloak moving about him.

Danger: -1
Freak: +0
Savior: +3
Superior: +0
Mundane: +1


-When did you officially become a part of your legacy?
Dominic was born in the USA, but his parents cross the border without the proper paperwork. Dom grew up in hiding, and his parents lived in constant fear of deportation. However, they loved their new home and the opportunities it made for their son.

Sadly, they where found out and under a new right wing government they where deported. Once returned to their home country run by criminals with long memories, their fate was sealed. Dom saw what happened to them on the news-and was informed of their deaths. He planned revenge, something with no chance of success-but when he tried he ran into someone he did not expect.

Citizen Omega.

-What’s the greatest accomplishment of your legacy?
Citizen Omega was not just a crime fighter-but he certainly did that as well. He specialized in rooting out government corruption when the checks and balances of the government where themselves too corrupt. Given the wide spread harm such misuse if power can lead to, he had a array of foes inside the various branches of government itself. Often, he had to take down various corporations and military contractors-something that did not win him any brownie points with political lobbyists and the politicians they bring low.

-How does the public perceive your legacy?
The various 'Citizens' are often viewed as radicals and vigilantes by those in power and those who support them. Outside of the power structure however, they are viewed them as the only real source of justice and truth that comes from some other place than the compliant media and tainted authorities. Citizen Omega often provides critical information to bring the untouchable out of power and into jail cells. However, there are those who support ring wing causes no matter what the result of such actions are.

-How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a hero?
Dominic wanted to punish the criminals who killed his parents. He also wanted to take down those in power who sent them back in harms way. While Citizen Omega was able to defeat the criminals-the right wing politicians where not as simple to lock up. Dom's anger did not end with nearly killing the murderers. He was still full of rage at the people who sent his parents off to die with a stroke of a pen. No matter how much training and education Citizen Omega provided, it did not lessen that anger.

-Why do you care about the team?
Citizen Zero is willing to work with the team, but he never had much in the way of friends or even people who care about him. All those people are dead-and Citizen Omega recognized his failure to properly socialize Dom into something other than a weapon. As Dom still respects his mentor-even if he cannot be his protégé anymore, he will obey him. For now...

Fight the good fight:
-When you pull your punches while directly engaging a threat, you can roll +Savior instead of + Danger. If you do, you cannot choose to impress, surprise, or frighten your foe.

Never give up, never surrender:
-When you take a powerful blow from someone with far greater power than you, use this move instead of the basic move. Roll + Savior. On a hit, you
stand strong and choose one. On a 7-9, mark a condition.

- you get an opportunity or opening against
your attacker
- you rally from the hit, and it inspires the
team; add 1 Team to the pool
- you keep your attacker’s attention

On a miss, you go down hard but leave your
opponent off balance and vulnerable.

Your legacy is an important part of Halcyon City.
Citizen Omega(Bryan Bains)is retired and quite judgmental.
Citizen Alpha(Jessica Bains)is the next possible member of your legacy.
Governor Nathan Woods is the greatest opponent your legacy ever faced...and is still at large.

Whenever time passes, roll + Savior to see how the members of your legacy feel or react to your most recent exploits. Before rolling, ask the other players to answer these questions about your performance. Take -1 to the roll for each “no” answer:

- have you been upholding the traditions of your legacy?
- have you maintained the image of your legacy?
- have you made the other members of your legacy proud?

On a hit, one of them offers you meaningful encouragement, an opportunity, or an advantage. On a 7-9, another is upset with your most recent actions, and will make their displeasure known. On a miss, something you did stirred up the hornet’s nest—expect several members of your legacy to
meddle with your life.

Team Moves
-When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, tell them whether you see them as an equal. If you do, give them Influence over you and mark potential. If you don’t, shift Superior up and any other Label down.

-When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them a secret about your legacy (including your own true feelings about it) to clear a condition and give them Influence over you.

When our team first came together...
Citizen Omega observed us defeat the Manotaur threat, and watching me interact with peers my own age decided it would help me socialize like a normal person.

Bacon got a tip off about a potential assassination attempt on a local politician.  He got CZ's help, and the crime was stopped. However, the local politician in question was corrupt enough and opportunistic enough to get some good PR out of the rescue. Needless to say, Citizen Omega was not pleased.

At one point Ricochet was giving me a little mockery about my code name, which I then told her why I am called Zero rather than a Latin number like Omega and his sidekick Alpha.

-You’re a part of this team, for better or worse, and you care what they think. Give Influence to all of your teammates.

Currently Citizen Zero has influence over:
The Copernican