Adriel Di'Angelo
Adriel Di'Angelo could be a real beauty if she put some effort into her appearance; however, she seems to have little or no interest in those pursuits.  Her dark brown hair is worn plain- straight, braided, or tied back with no adornment.  Her day to day clothes are shades of grays and browns with very little to no trim or outstanding marks.  She wears black thigh high boots, brown leggings, and a simple grey blouse made fit by a  black leather corset.  When hired by a band of mercenaries as their healer, even her scale mail is plain and bereft of shine, hidden behind a charcoal grey cloak with a deep hood.

Only two things of note stand out when looking at Adriel. The first is the amulet of Icos she wears around her neck.  The second is her eyes.  Pale blue- almost grey, adorned by a thick frame of black lashes.  Her unique eyes combined with her fair complexion and dark hair could be striking, but the girl seems to go out of her way to ensure she is not.

Adriel is known as a healer for hire in Westmarch.  Her reputation is that of a efficient and oddly business-like Cleric willing to render her services provided her clients are discreet, don't ask too many questions, and pay her under the table.  Her rules for business are simple:

1) She never works with the same client twice, unless she proposes it.
2) She doesn't help mercenaries that endanger the innocent or would gain the attention of authorities.
3) Hands off the merchandise.
4) She get's paid, moves on, no questions.
5) If there is a applause from the general public- she is not involved.
6) No Nobility.
7) There are certain countries where she is not willing to go- if your job takes you to one of those regions, find a different Cleric.

Despite her rules- Adriel is known as a affable and good natured young woman who is quick to laugh with her companions.  She has a wry sense of humor and a passion for music and card playing.  She has a unique zest for life even in the most mundane situations- "Every day needs to be lived as a day where one realizes they are free."  She has a genuine desire to help people.  Companions with similar desires find a close ally with Adriel.  Even though she severs ties as easily as most people break spider webs, Adriel is fiercely loyal to those who gain her complete trust and will move mountains to help them in return.