Oswald Weiss

Oswald is around 30 years old, stands just shy of 6 feet tall, and weighs about 200 pounds. His skin is toughened by travel, and his dark hair is slightly sunbleached from the road. He wears simple clothing and carries all that he owns on his back as he travels. Twin daggers are hidden on his person -- one at his side and a second in his boot. A walking staff doubles as a quartstaff, though he does not lean heavily upon it.

His cloak, clothing, and hair all smell vaguely of campfire smoke, even after having freshly bathed, and almost everything he owns looks to have been burned -- albeit briefly -- at least once.


Oswald comes from a modest mining village up in the mountains, near a river. The main industries involve mining precious metals and stones from the mountains and panning for the same in the river -- it is in the latter industry that Oswald and his family were employed.

A visiting dignitary from the town's liege lord (or similar rank, depending on the world's flavor/government structure) was inspecting the mine one day a few years back and an earthquake occurred while they were inside the mine. Oswald was panning for gold some ways off, noticed the earthquake, and saw blood trickling down the water not long afterward.

He rushed up to where the river passed by the mining complex, saw the cave in, and quickly worked to free the workers and dignitary. Nobody died, and when he had freed those trapped, they reported seeing him bathed in a wreath of living flames. "A sign of favor from the gods!", so the story went. He was heaped with praise and the story was told far and wide as an example of loyalty to king and country and being a good neighbor.

Oswald did not enjoy his celebrity -- it made him uncomfortable. So he enjoyed it even less when a fortune teller interpreted the dreams he'd been having since that day as portending a great destiny -- one he'd not yet fulfilled.

The fortune teller made a big deal of it. Soon it was all his family, friends, and neighbors would talk about. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He packed his things and set off toward...somewhere.

Most would tell you he was riding toward destiny itself, but in Oswald's opinion if destiny wanted him, it was going to have to come and get him.