Nico Viszco

Nico is in his mid-20s, stands 5'10, and weighs 150 lbs. He is lithe and wiry with a slender frame, and moves with a casual grace that suggests training in dance and/or swordplay. He has dark brown eyes, rakishly tousled medium-long black hair, and dark olive skin. He is dashingly handsome, and he knows it.

He dresses ostentatiously, wearing a suit of well-kept and elaborate leather armor, fine clothes (often including a scarf or bandanna), and numerous rings and other jewelry. Most notably, he wears a blue and white evil eye bead/hamsa bracelet [$_35.JPG?set_id=2 ] on his left wrist and wears a striking, silver ring on a leather necklace [ ].

When traveling (or sneaking about), he often wears a hooded cloak over his fine clothes, both to protect them and/or to be less conspicuous.

He is also equipped to protect himself, wearing a shortsword in a fancy scabbard at his left side. A dagger is sheathed on his right side, with another secreted away within his clothes (but within easy reach). He also travels with a short bow and quiver slung across his back.


Nicolae Viszco is Vistani, a group of nomadic, mysterious people sometimes known as gypsies. He was born in a Vistani settlement in Barovia that no longer exists, his people having packed up and moved along, as is their way.

Nico was trained by his father, Andrei Viszco, a rogue well-known (among his people) for his swordplay as well as his expertise running Bujo cons (fortune telling scams) on the Gaje (non-Vistani).

The turning point in Nico's life, the incident that led to him leaving his clan, occurred when he was 20 years old. Nico was always very close to his grandmother, Baba Maria Viszco, often visiting with her in her vardo (Vistani wagon) after enjoying an evening of dance and drink around the campfire with his friends. On that fateful night, he arrived to find the door to her vardo smashed open. His grandmother was unconscious on the floor, the victim of drugged wine. But the true crime was the theft of his grandmother's magical amulet, a unique artifact handed down for countless generations. The amulet has powers of clairvoyance and divination when used by a trained Vistani elder. Without the amulet, Nico's grandmother's powers were limited, and she was only able to divine a one-word clue- "Croatoan." Nico vowed to follow this clue to retrieve the amulet and return it to his family.

Before he left, Nico's grandmother gave him a silver ring on a leather necklace. She claimed that the ring was attuned to the magic amulet and would help him locate it. Nico's mother, Sofia Viszco, also gave him her evil eye bead/hamsa bracelet; a good luck charm meant to protect him from evil omens and curses.

Nico has been on the trail for 5 years, seeking clues and having adventures, often funding his travels by running the Bujo scam he learned from his father on unsuspecting Gaje. However, Nico is determined to overcome the xenophobia and mistrust his people have towards the Gaje, as he feels this will be necessary to track down the amulet.